Labor & Birth Doula


  • Unlimited phone and email support upon hire
  • One prenatal consultation wherever you’re most comfortable, such as in your home
  • On call 24/7 from 38th week of pregnancy until delivery
  • Continuous labor and birth support
  • Immediate breastfeeding support, if desired
  • One postpartum in-home visit during your first two weeks postpartum
  • Back-up doula support




Postpartum Doula

$35/hour for daytime services

  • emotional and informational support
  • basic newborn care education
  • breastfeeding support
  • light housework
  • meal prep

$45/hour for overnight services

Adjusting to life at home with a brand new baby can be overwhelming.  Overnight postpartum doula services offer the same benefit as daytime services, but can allow mom (and dad!) the chance to get much needed rest while knowing baby is being cared for, and the to-do list around your home is being taken care of.

If mom is breastfeeding, baby would be brought to her for feedings only.  If baby is bottle fed, then mom gets the entire night to sleep.  During this time, your home will be kept quiet, calm and the lights will stay dim to encourage a night routine for baby and peaceful sleep for parents.



Payment Options

Cash / Check / Credit Cards / PayPal are all welcome forms of payment

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